How to Join Maximum 88

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Now the next question is how will you market?

Network Marketing, as the word suggest, is ALL ABOUT MARKETING!

If you are not equip with the skills to do marketing in this digital area, then you are still living in a dino world!

Join our team and we will teach you HOW TO:

Create Your Own E-Commerce Business:

My modules include the following:

➡️ Introduction - Systems - Goals

➡️ Create a Shopify Store

➡️ Select a profitable niche/product

➡️ Facebook Page and Pixel (tracking)

➡️ Facebook Ads and Scaling

➡️ Split Testing

➡️ Store Optimization

➡️Sales Funnel

➡️ Understanding Abandon Cart recovery process

➡️ Fulfillment and COD solutions

➡️ Scaling Methods

➡️ ManyChat Basics and Quick Setup .....many more!


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